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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Update to the post that's below the below the post below the, aw fuck it.

So I left you guys a few days ago thinkin' "Wow, Andy sure is a dick, cuz he didn't follow through with the prize on his contest honestly." Boy I gotcha good! As you all know, Mr. Eric is a king-pin boss of a mafia in St. Louis, and was busy running a drug-trafficking system and all that hoopla, whilst using a university professor as a cover (misdirection-- powerful stuff, right? Right?) So anyhow, he emails me back telling me he'll blow my brains out with a straw if I don't put up what he wants me to, so here it is. While you read the following, I find that if you slant your eyes and tilt them to the left and read from right to left, you can get an eerie image of Elvis. Pretty cool.

All right, Andy. Thank you for your patience. Here is what I would like topost. It is a Charles Bukowski poem in its entirety, and I think it fitsthe spirit of your site:


the important

Pretty cool huh? The poem I meant, not the hidden image of Elvis. Although that kicks ass too.

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