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Thursday, May 05, 2005



(Thanks goes to the Magic Whack for inspiration for the title of this post. Thank you, thanks, be sure to tip your waitresses!)

I would like you to direct your attention, ladies and germs, to the best site in the web at free magic tricks!

Now, don't laugh at this site! It could very well be the next ellusionist! Or the next penguin! Hey you never know! But while we're discussing this site, let's point out a few details that need fine-tuning:

1. If you post your "own" way of doing the King Rising, please, at least let it be different from the real thing!! And also, if you do decide to do this type of thing, do not, under any circumstances, say that you learned it from your own site!

2. Splashed all over the web nowadays is the Balducci levitation. So if you put up your own instructions to the Balducci, make sure you do not copy and paste from other sites.

And that's only the kinks in the exposure part of the site. And if you look down a bit you will see the Magic storeeeeeee! Woo hoo! Details:

1. Don't have your shop on the same page as your exposure.

2. trI nUtt Too miSpleel wurdZ.

3. If you give a money back promise, make sure it's valid for more than one day or else you're just full of shit.

4. As for the Feedback at the bottom, when you fake your own praise, do not misspell and type like you normally do, do not put follow-up comments and do not comment and give 5 stars to yourself and if you do, fake your name, and/or don't splash your name all over the site before doing so.

5. The anime theme kicks ass.

allin all, i rate this site 5 stars its veryy good and i think that u should buy from here cause thayll never catch you at anylthing.
----------------------------------------miguel brambila.


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