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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Sally Forth!

Yeah so anyhow, there's this one fuckbag that I personally don't care for, since it's the same with her as well.

So I'm not sure if this story's true, but here's what I understand of it. My internet was down and my electricity didn't work, since the horses need to rest for a few days to regain the energy to run the generator. During that time, I heard through the grapevine that the cunt goes to Steve Pellegrino, who's supposedly her friend and decides to tell him that I trashed one of the most bestest performers ever and that I don't deserve to be on his Blogroll.

Well I thought I was fucked.

So I get over the initial shock, finish my tequila and log on. And whaddaya know? I guess the cunt was just lying through the enormouse gap in his head.

Well best friend, I know ya tried, but at least if you don't become famous for your hitakeacardanyonenowputitbackisthisitaintithegreatestohmanlookitthatshitheflashedimsomuchmorebetterthan
youareyoufucker style presentation, at least you got your 3.4 milliseconds of fame here.

This brings up another interesting issue. What the fuck does Steve have against anonymous bloggers? I didn't do anything to him, right Mr. Whack? Right Andy?

Well, I'm out.

PSInsecurely Yours,



Where's Waldo?

I thought I might make this post a bit more interesting before moving the fuck on away from all this bullshit.

I've changed a post here, due to popular (2 people) demand. Sometimes I don't mean to tell it to their faces, but I take this off because I felt sorry for someone and I changed it to get a few SELECT fuckbags off my back. And you know what? I'm not gonna tell you what it is, where it is, or what it's about.

Found it? Good. Didn't find it? Good.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Aliun Levitation: A whole new "high"!

Okie dokie, before we continue this post, click yo' punk ass over to the site, owned by ellusionist.con. If you read the line that they have changed the line "Spring 2004" to "Spring 2005." Now tape a pair of scissors to my forehead and call me crazy, but it seems that Ellusionist got screwed over in some way.

When ellusionist says they'll put out something, you can be damn sure that it'll be out by next week or sooner. So here's my take on the issue. First, ellusionist gets in cahoots with some dumb guy who claims he invented a revolutionary levitation just like Corey King. Then the dumb guy screws ellusionist over in some way and leaves them for dead. Ellusionist, who is pretty much in deep shit now since they already put out all the crap saying "REVOLUTIONARY LEVITATION COMING OUT SOON!!!!!!!" gets worried and starts looking for something they can knock off and sell for a quick buck. So far, no luck.

Bradley suddenly notices that the sign on his shit says Spring 2004, changes it to Spring 2005. If you check out the site at Ellusionist, somewhere in it it says:

"----> A L I U N Our quality control and research on this product are impeccable and that's why you're not seeing it yet. Every last aspect of it must be perfect in order for us to release it. People are working on it from all parts of the country and Canada to make it better and better before release. This is Jonathan Bayme's baby and he had been working tightly with the creator. JB has improved it immeasurably already."

Bullshit. Since when has Bayme had a "baby"? Since when has he gotten laid? Jeez. Well, I guess in a few more weeks, Spring will progress into Summer, and Bradley won't know what to do. Heeeeeeeeeeeeehoooooo!


Saturday, March 19, 2005



Okie dokie! So since we're all money-hungy freaks looking to make a fast buck, I have decided to start selling custom shirts here!

The current design I have going on here is this: on the front is a very nice logo, followed by the words "Got Magic?" A classic. Perfect for any magic fan.

Oh yeah. On the back of the shirt is a small subliminal message I'm sure says absolutely nothing about my opinions. Honist.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Bad Performers: Ya gotta love 'em.

If ever you are in the San Fran area, be sure to drop by Fisherman's Wharf, a wealth of street performers and beautiful scenery to make out to.

So any how, stroll down the Embarcadero along the Piers and be sure to stop by all the performers and check 'em out... they're mostly nice people.

"Now Andy," you may be asking yourself, "what does the title have to do with all this?" I'm about to tell you what.

There's a magician that


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Monday, March 14, 2005


Go here.

Or I'll cram you into my thumb tip.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Update to post below.

Sorry 'bout the mix-up yesterday as to what I was watching. I fixed the link below, and you can check it out here as well.

Warning: May not be suitable for children or big babies. You have been belatedly warned.

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