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Monday, February 28, 2005



Is it just me or is everybody in magic or selling magic starting to get a blog? At first, it was just a few who wanted to make a statement against Steve Brooksy without the thread being locked, but history's repeating itself.

When Steve Fearson pioneered magic downloads, then everyone followed suit. How about now? Steve has started a blog. So now everyone is following suit. Click over to old man Pelligrino's site (by the way, Joe Pon says hi) and look at the first few of his latest posts. Gee, almost all of 'em are saying "Welcome, new blogger bretheren!" Hmph.

But moooooom, all the cool kids are doing it!

What I am up to: Just got my tickets for the Michael Ammar lecture!! Can't wait to meet him in person next month!

What I'm watching: "Tricks."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005



People who steal other people's hard work and acts deserve to be strung up by their balls.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005



This is a review for an item I bought recently, for the Rocky Raccoon Spring Animal, and the Jim Pace Spring Animal Video.

The Animal:
While the MagicMasters have many different types of Spring Animals, Rocky is by far the most popular, and according to MagicMasters, the number one selling item. Be warned, there are many knock-offs of Rocky, so be careful when buying, as the MagicMasters's Rocky is by far the best, and is the original.

The animal is made of faux fur, so the SPCA won't come knocking at your door, plus getting rid of the allergies problem-- you can do this for anyone without fear of them having hay fever. The entire structure is very durable and sturdy. The entire thing is basically "road-kill in a blanket." That is a very accurate description. The head holds its shape by means of a lump of specially formed cardboard, and the rest of the body is held up by a custom made spring, which is very soft and won't hurt your hands no matter how much you practice. The eyes and ears, as well as the nose, are attached very well, not a slap of superglue as with some cheap gimmicks, etc. I was impressed with the workmanship, and the handling was overall very easy.

The instructions that came with it was in the form of a small booklet, which is illustrated with consise instructions, not to mention a very tidy collection of "Ticklers," or things you can do to make your audience go "WOW," "HA," or "AWWW."

Bottom line: A worthy purchase, worth every penny. Get one, and you'll have one of the biggest and best parts in your act. The package, in this case, does not lie.

The Video:
Let me first round this out by saying that I am upset with my purchase of the video, which I thought would be a supplement or enhancer to the acutal Rocky. It is not. It appears that Jim Pace simply took the instructions that came with the package and videoed himself doing it.

This is kinda like the Ninja Rings thing, where Shoot puts out some Ninja Rings, but since they come with incomprehensible Japanese instructions, makes a DVD to supplement it. Jim Pace? No excuse, since the instructions that come with it are already clear and precise, no crap whatsoever.

Jim Pace has done a horrible job on the video, as number one, it's too damn short. Number two, the teaching follows almost word for word the Rocky instruction manual.

Bottom Line: Some magic dealers give you a discount if you buy the video and Rocky at the same time, but don't fall for the gimmick like I did. First buy Rocky, see if you don't understand the instructions, which I highly doubt, then go buy the video.

In my humble opinion, the video sucks.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Ways to advertise yourself

You could just keep going to the library again and again to perform, but after a bit, you'll want another way to promote yourself. Here are several ways:

-Business cards: like I said, splurge the 50 to have a couple thou made.
-Flyers: Go to daycares, and tack 'em up on the corkboards. Or at the mall, tack those up over the day care ads.
-A website. One of the best ways to give out your info, since the site will display all the info you need. But be sure to have a good design, not one with el cheapo graphics and backgrounds or else you may end up losing gigs, due to unprofessionalism.
-Propoganda- Such as shirts, backpacks, mugs and more, all available here. For a prime example of this technique, check here. Business cards count as propoganda, and remember, if you have a website, be sure to link back to it on the shirts, mugs, etc.
-Shock. Try paying someone to run around naked during rush hour shouting the name of your website in order to get the word out. That would work. Dancing helps too.

Good luck in your quest, if at all, to become a magician. This is the official end to my course, if I can think of anything else, I'll post it, but I'll be back to my cuss word a minute style first thing next post.


Saturday, February 05, 2005


Cont. to post below.

So didja do what I told y'all to? Cool. So now you have a routine. A simple routine but a routine nonetheless. So now what do you do? You go out and hunt down some $$.

Start by places like the local library. Ask if you can do a show, and ask for a $50 stipend, fee, price, whatever. Most working magicians are paid a few hundred from the funding that goes to the library, so by asking for like, several hundred dollars less, the library will be glad to have you. Think of it like this. If you went to a store to buy a DVD for like 20 bucks, but you saw a guy in the parking lot selling bootlegs for 50 cents, you'd go to the guy wouldn't you?

So you got your thang goin' on now. But don't make the mistake of reading through the books and thinking "Oh, I got this now." Because you need to rehearse, as this is your first performance in the public eye, you cannot screw up. If you do well, the library could be your ticket to bigger gigs. It's a little known secret: when a performer goes to a library and does a show, afterward, the head librarian will fire off an email to all the libraries in the city, giving a review, so if you're good, all the libraries know you are. If you suck, well, just don't suck and you'll be fine.

So you've just done the gig, and now you've gotten your fifty bucks. What to do with it? Well, you could blow it all on bubblegum, but remember, you're here for magic. So go to the local magic shop and work on your kids' act. Pick up some choice items, preferrably things that use BIG props. Why? Kid's love 'em. Some things include: Linking Rings, Strat-O-Sphere, Dove Pan, etc. The more you have the better.

So you've just splurged your fifty spot on a prop or something for your kids' act. You know what that means? Your show just got a bit better, just a bit. And that's the first step to getting better and better. You've just begun a cycle that will in the end pay off for YOU.

Go to another library and do it all again, and every time you get the 50 bucks, take it and upgrade your kid show. And little by little, one prop at a time, you'll see gradually you're replacing your half-hour kid show fulla stuff from the library with stuff the hard-core professionals work with.

And one day, your kid act will be fine-tuned to the point where afterward people will ask for a business card. SO, one day, instead of upgrading your kid show, have some business cards made. And you know what now? When people from the library start calling you to do their daughter's fifth birthday or their son's bar mitzvah, you'll have successfully moved from beginner magician into the rank of part-time amateur magician.

Get your ass out there now. And become a part-time amateur magician. More on the topic a few days from now.

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