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Thursday, January 27, 2005


The Truth.

I think that the truth is that magic is really really expensive. You cannot make it in the magic business, or get a start if you:
a) Have very little money, or
b) Have a lotta money, but blow it on all the wrong things.

Sure, some people might say, "Wanna get a start at magic? Go to the library." Don't gimme that crap. Unless you wanna get humiliated by people when you show them the magic piece of paper with all the numbers on it, or the "saltshaker" trick, the library isn't the best way to go. Well, it's okay, but I think there would be other ways if I could think of it.

I actually spent the last few days pondering to myself, "If a guy were almost totally broke, and wanted to get into magic, how the hell would he do it?" I have devised a simple course and over the next few days (this course is a few days long!!) I will post each step individually. Here's the first step:

Go to the library (I know, I know, work with me here!!) and check out all the books on magic. Now do some serious hunting, for you are in for a big haul. Look for tricks that appeal to kids to some degree, but try to stay away from tricks everyone knows. If you find a trick without pictures, for all you know, you may have a gem on your hands. Look at it, study the books, and put together an ACT. More on that tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2005



I'm really tired. I know I haven't posted for several days due to busy schedule, i.e. going to the magic shop to restock on supplies, doing shows for other folks, etc. etc. Resume regular posting schedule within a week.

I'm out.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Get this thang CRUNK.

Loving the song above...

AAAAAAlllll skeet skeet skeet.......

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Movie Reviewz!

Okay, so I just checked out the premiere of the new Disney Channel Movie "Now You See It," which is basically about a reality show set out to find the world's greatest kid magician. They whittle it down to 3 contestants, but one of them turns out to have real magical powers and that the person who organized the whole contest is out to take them for his own devilish means.

It was okay I suppose. Alyson Michalka, the star of the movie, did good with the acting and overall, the guy "Danny," who's the world's greatest kid magician, was played by an actor who was taught a few cheap tricks on the set. Some of the tricks featured in the movie were good, others were just plain stupid. Here's what I can remember that was featured in the movie:
1. Thumb shooting- another kid (I guess he's a real magician) has a card selected, controlled to the top, and then thumb shoots it out. Not bad, presentation was good.
2. Yanking a key out of the air- This was accomplished by means of a sleight, but I couldn't tell what sleight, it happened so fast. But it was very clean and a good snap with it as well.

(At one point in the movie, the contest challenged the 3 finalists to create an illusion out of the following five items: a rope, fish tank, bedsheet, broom, and basketball.)
3. For the challenge, a girl (the damn movie cheated!) did a zombie ball using the basketball. First off, this is impossible, seeing as what the heck could she have used from the 5 items as the gimmick? Second, you can't modify the ball to do the Zombie, plus a real basketballs way too heavy, so this was a big cheat on the producer's part.

4. Appearing wand (Fantasio?)- done not once, but TWICE within the same scene! But done by two different people with different approaches. I think "Max" had a cleaner handling of it. But that's just me.

5. Dove production- used as a transition into the next scene, a very clean, very beautiful dove production from a bundle of silks.

6. Dancing cane- Okay, the guy that did this was better than some folks, but he still couldn't truly handle the cane that well. He used the cane from Fantasio.

7. Contact Juggling- In the same scene as the dancing cane, there's a guy contact juggling TWO balls at once! Visually appealing, this guy's gooood.

8. Some Hummer Type Card?- I don't know what the hell this was. I think it was like a hummer card, except done with a Jumbo card. The person that did this was okay at it, but kept doing the same move again and again throughout the scene.

9. Linking Rings- In the beginning of the movie, a girl disgraces the rings by attempting (and failing) to unlink two rings. Very stupid, but in the Dancing Cane scene, a man in the background was doing a routine with six 8 inch rings, stunning, very nice.

(Near the end of the movie itself, there was a finalist that did a short routine.)
10. D'Lites- Done very badly. In the routine, the guy started off pulling one from his mouth, and doing some seizure-like movement, acting like he was putting them in this pocket. He did this so damn fast I couldn't see shit, it was like he was afraid of flashing. He's on stage for Christ sake, how's he gonna flash?!?
11. Same guy in his routine did some Thumb Shooting. Looks like he attempted to do what McBride does, with the goofy smile and shooting the cards like crazy into the audience. This guy didn't even come close.

Well, that's all I can remember from the movie. It was nothing special really, except for Disney attempting to come up with another promotional gimmick-- magic.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to practice my Dancing Cane.

Friday, January 14, 2005


REAL Magic

In case you guys didn't know, right now (8/7 Central) is the premiere of the new Disney Channel Movie called "Now You See It." It's about magic, so I'm gonna write a loooong review tomorrow bout the movie.


Thursday, January 13, 2005



I had an interesting exchange with a random, possibly gay male just now. I found this amusing, perhaps you will as well. I've censored some choice words, such as my screenname on AIM, and the place he found it. But I've left the other dude's screenname, a pathetic misspelling of LeBron James. So if you're a magician infuriated with his cliched "Pull my rabbit out"/"Whip out my dick," simply sign on, and fuck with the guy's mind.

LeBron Ames: Hi I saw you on CENSORED. Are you there?
LeBron Ames: wat u up too boo
CENSORED: who's this?
LeBron Ames: saw u on CENSORED
CENSORED: i know
LeBron Ames: u lookin magical as hell
CENSORED: asl man
LeBron Ames: 21 male jersey
LeBron Ames: can i show u some magic ?
CENSORED: aite danx
CENSORED: sure man
CENSORED: go for it
LeBron Ames: wanna see me pull my rabbit out ?!
CENSORED: uh, no.
CENSORED: thats cliched, dude, shut the fuck up.
LeBron Ames: why not ?
CENSORED: dude, if you imed me just to fuck around, im not gonna take that crap.
LeBron Ames: wat are u gonna do?
LeBron Ames: a magic trick?
CENSORED: that depends
CENSORED: what do you plan to do?
CENSORED: well, bitch-ass?
LeBron Ames signed off at 7:55:08 PM.

I can hear them screaming now....

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Hello, my Mind Slaves.

No! Wait! Come back!!

Today was a bad day for me. During all of class, my doves wouldn't keep still in their harness, during recess my thumbtip was stuck on my thumb so I couldn't play basketball correctly, and my M5 kept on moving my lunch tray so I couldn't eat.

But the magic must go on....

You may recall a bit before near when a once-upon-a-time when I started this blog near the beginning, when I posted about this culty slash forum slash con game thingy site.

Basically, for those of you not familiar with it, it's a group run by two devious women bent on deceiving their members into thinking that David Blaine is really there and that he is reading their messages. He's not. So let me ask you all a question: What is their goal? The board is time consuming, since they moderate it, which means any message that gets posted has to get their okay before it goes up, and they don't make any $$ off it. The board has been up for more than a year already, so if there was any joke behind this, we know it's old already, and no longer funny in any way.

So why keep it up? This, my friends, is a real live modern cult. They deceive their members and what for? Who knows? But I ask everyone here to do something about it. What exactly? Read on.

1. Go to the group.
2. Register.
3. Quickly post as many messages on the board exposing them as you can.

Since they have to delete so many messages, perhaps they'll be so overwhelmed by the volume of messages that one of three things can happen.
a) the site will be shut down by Microsoft for exceeding the limit of messages or something.
b) they may stick it through and delete all the messages. Hopefully they get Carpal syndrome out of it, the assholes.
c) they stop playing their little sick mind games.

What ever they do, hopefully we can stir up a bit of trouble for the people that thinks they're soooo clever at what they do.

They're not.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Some random quickly-like shits.

First off, we have a new record! From the U.K., at I.P. "212.-------.195," this person has visited 5 times, but has BROKEN the longest stay record of 52 minutes and 6 seconds, and has stayed for WELL OVER 24 HOURS! WHEEEE! Hats off to you, sir!

Onto business and magic.

For all you professional and/or amateur magicians, one of the quickest ways to give off the professionalism or card sharkyism or I gotta lotta moneyism of a smartly cut performer is to have several professionally tuned accesories. I'll name a few and post a short review of each. Any of the items below are both useful in purpose, and they give off the air to other laypeople that you got the gear to be what you are.*

1. A Card Case- Now, I know many of you already have the cardboard version, but you really wanna look like you do the stuff well, get one of the fancy metal cases that hold your card box and keep your cards straight. There have been several versions put out, some a bit pricey, and I've experimented with different ones, and found out the truth. The only difference is the price. They all serve the purpose of protecting your card case, and keeping the cards crisp and flat. They're also good for playing bloody knuckles with, if you're a cheater like me. The one Card Case I put on the top of my list as good and non-wallet-breaking is this version, available in many other places for various prices, but Penguin is the lowest currently. It's good, solid, very professional, but don't bother showing it off to other magicians. Unlike what Oz said, it won't do shit for your rep around other magi's because the everyone has them already, if not multiple ones. At least they do where I live. More on that tomorrow.

2. A nice case- Every magician needs a case to hold their expensive precious magic apparatus. Compact, Durable, Waterproof, and Easy to carry all fit into the requirements. But where is one to find such a case at a reasonable price? I'm going to tip a secret that Joe of the Misdirections Magic Shop let me in on, so if you're ever in the neighborhood, go in and support the real brick-and-mortar magic shops! The best all around case is right here. Okay, so you're probably wondering why the hell I sent you to the Home Depot for a toolbox. But look closer, because remember, the tools are sold separately. After you gut the entire thing, you're left with a solid, aluminum case perfect for putting your stuff in. In fact, I believe Dan Harlan recommends getting one on this DVD, and in fact he features a small picture of it as a background for the cover. Might I also add that the advice he gives is excellent? But here's the downside, to the case, not the video. They sell out very fast. So mark down the SKU number for the case, and call your local Home Depot and ask if it's in stock. If it is, get there and get it as fast as you can, if not, ask when the next shipment is coming in. Then go the day after that to get it (Home Depot uses evening shipping and unload the stocks after closing). If anyone gets the case and has something to add to this review, please drop me an email and I'll post it up.

I'm tired and I'm hungry. I'll continue tomorrow. Or some other time.

*No amount of professional gear will help you if you suck at magic! So practice dammit and work on your craft before you worry about your image! Remember, this gear costs $$! Practice is free! So get practicing!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Back to the magic...

Hello all my beautiful readers, beautiful or not.

I've been working on an experiment for the past week, and now am ready to post the results. Here's what happened. I gathered 20 RANDOM laypeople, ranging from ages 13 to 22. Ten of those people were individually shown this video and asked their reaction.* This group will be referred to as "Group A."
The other ten was shown this video. This will be called "Group B" (duh).

Both groups were introduced to the video with only the following words. "Hey _______, check this out!"
Reactions were afterward taken noted of.

Here are the results:
Group A--8 out of the 10 people shown the video thought that it was a real stunt, that a lady actually did swallow the balloon. Some reactions included:
"Wow, she can deepthroat!"
"If my girlfriend could do that...."

Group B-- 9 out of the 10 people shown the video thought that the whole thing was either a camera trick, a special effect (due to the speeding up of the clip) or just a magic effect. Some reactions included:
"I know that's a fake balloon."
"That's hella fake."
"Shit, my uncle can do that. He showed me."

So in conclusion, when mixed with a bunch of other magic tricks, and done by a male, laypeople will assume that it is a magic trick. When done by a female, surrounded by other females, and introduced with a seductive "Watch," laypeople will assume this female is a slut and can really do those things, males thinking this females boyfriend must have a heckuva good time.


*A layperson was asked by myself to conduct the actual experiment while I watched from a distance, so as to avoid biasing since they may suspect a magician showing them a clip is going to be a clip fulla magic shits.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


This is slightly disturbing.

I made a prediction. Scroll down to find out what it is:

I predict you will scroll down as soon as you read the words "scroll down to find out what it is."

Pretty good huh?

Going off the subject of magic for a bit, I know that in the wide world of the web, hence the name the world wide web, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of keywords out there. Millions that can lead to any webpage at any given point in the web, provided you're not blocked by the Great fireWall of China.

There are millions of keywords as well that can lead to any magic webpage in the world, provided that they're not 100% Flash. So if you want traffic to your site, be sure to use a variety of words so as to get as many matches to your keywords as possible. For example, if you look at the bottom of the ellusionist main page, you will see that Bradley has gone to pains to link to the same sites dozens of time under a different spelling or description, so if anyone happens to accidentally type in "David Blane" in the search bar, no worries, the same idiot will still be linked back to ellusionist. Noooo worries.

So now we turn the focus back to the Magidiot. What does all this mean? If you didn't know, aside from being a member of the "I Like to Expose Myself Club," I also subscribe to a wonderful service from, a hats-off to Tommy Gunn for that. Aside from giving me round-the-clock statistics about my own blog, it shows me what keywords, if any, that link back to my website.

So far, only one user has entered a search independently that led to my website. That user has a Verizon host, and his/her search brought my website as a third from the top match. He/she did not stop by my site, no thanks for that, but the most interesting thing is what that person entered as a search term: "wite hows." That's it. Just "wite hows" plain and simple. Does anyone have a clue what "wite hows" means? I spent about 30 seconds laughing at this before deciding to post it up. This will keep me up at night. What is "wite hows"? Who is this person entering "wite hows" into their search engine? And why? Does this person work for the government? Help!!

Aside from all that, I'd like to tip my hat to one fellow out in Nashville, Tennessee, under IP 68.-----.33! With a record visit length time of 50 minutes and 6 seconds, I'd like to thank this person for taking the time to look through my blog and for seemingly enjoying it enough to stay that long and come back 8 times! Thanks!

Oh, and the disturbing thing I promised you? Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


So shoot me dammit.

Okay, it's time for me to level up with my readers and myself. I'm writing this for myself, and for a friend.

If you didn't know, I'm a member of the magic forum, run by a cool guy named Tarquin Churchwell. Yes, it's an exposure site. But you know what? I'm cool with it. How come? I teach and I learn. There's a difference.

Ya might say I'm a frickin' hypocrite for writing about David Ben and then go over to this forum to learn and teach. I'm not.

I think there are two types of exposure. Where you blatantly splash it out for the heck of splashing it out, like the masked magician. And then there's David Ben's thing, where he exposes to laypeople in the act of teaching. Then there's me, where I go to this site and expose magic to others and learn it as well.

I'm for exposure, and I'm against it at the same frickin' time. I'm for it in the sense that there ARE people out there that don't have money to go out and buy a 40 dollar video, a 30 dollar gimmick, etc. etc. These are good folks, mind you, that actually want to do magic, and practice till their knuckles bleed, and if you don't believe me, ask and I'll give you examples.

Then again, the exposure I'm AGAINST, is the type where David Ben and the Masked Magician have gone on. If your students don't want to learn, why teach? Then again, if your students want to learn but will not appreciate it, why teach anyway? The audiences of the Masked Magician, and David Ben are just in it for the secret. They don't give a hang on performance, they don't want to do the trick, they just want to know how it's done. And if they see another magician doing the same trick, chances are that they'll just expose it for others. They are killing the art that way.

Sure, I'm an exposure junkie. I expose tricks and learn tricks by exposure on an exposure site, but I don't exactly have a thousand clams to risk just to see if a trick is good. But I know the people I teach/expose magic to are good, diligent people, that will appreciate the magic I show them and use it well. And that's the real reason why they make magic expensive right? To keep it out of the wrong hands, or keep it from the laypeople.

In case you're wondering, YES I buy videos. YES I buy books. YES I spend a fair amount of money on this. But I suspect the only people that will have a problem with this are people that have more $$ than I do. Well, try being broke and magic hungry, ya bastard. Then what are ya gonna do to learn? Didn't magicians in the old days learn from other magicians for free? Ain't that "exposure"?

That's my opinion on the subject. And if ya don't like it, go suck a Bradley.


Friday, January 07, 2005


Didja hear the one about the gay magician that went out with a poof?

Heh heh....

Well, today sure was a crap of a day. It was raining like a motherfucker, I got soaked, someone stole my lunch money, I got shoved and locked in my locker, and someone stole my new shoes.


Well, I'm here on my blog today to let y'all know about a few choice facts. First off, Brad Christian has been caught a while back snooping around under several false names in Magic Exposure forums, hosted by MSN.

He currently runs the Magic Matrix under the screenname Elevate6. In the past, he has posted under several different screennames, including:


...I think.

Brad Christian you gay motherfucker, get a frickin' life ya homo.

Thursday, January 06, 2005



Such an oxymoron.

Well, I really have nothing to talk about today, other than--- oh nevermind. But here's something to chew on:

I'm at the TOP!

Woohoo! It was a bit disappointing that my search didn't return only one result. But this will do for now.... Muahahahahaahaaaa *cough* *choke* *gasp* (I gotta stop doing that-- where's my goddamned inhaler?)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Alas we hath been conquered.

Click yo' punk ass over to tha' Gunnsight.

I am upset to read master Penfold's blog, which is much well put together than mine or anyone elses. I'm surprised that Steve Pelligrino's blog was named best magic blog over his!!

First off, I'm shocked to see another motherfucker come along with a dirtier shitted cunt-bagged mouth than mine, or anyone else with a blog. He's a demon, I tell you. No one can call Tommy Gunn a fuckhead and stay alive for more than a minute before constipating to death. No one!

Before I go on, I'd like everyone to know that I emailed Tommy about this, and he replied, saying that I have his blessing to slam Mr. Penfold all I want. But I'm not going to make fun of that ugly shit-faced retarded ass fuckbag crack-brain. I'm not even going to call him dirty names. I'm just going to repost HIS blog, except I'll outdo him in the cussing game. Looks like we're even you Penfolded fuck-bagged bastard!

"Penfolds "Long Finger" PlayhouseStep inside for a fucking cunt of a ride
Hello fuckbags and welcome to Penfolds playhouse! I am your host, Penfold and would like you to sit the titty fucking fuck down shut up and read my new column courtesy of Mr "Big Cock" Tommy Gunn.I’m going to say what the fuck I like and there isn’t fuck all you can do about it, and be warned if you get on my shit list your in for a rough ride. Wanna know if your on it? Then read on…I suppose I should give you a brief introduction of who I am, well… I’m someone who fucking hates everyone, aint no-one safe on here not even that fuckhead Tommy "Cock Sucker" Gunn, If he felchs out of line he will find himself in Sex fights Playhouse been arse entered by my Kamikaze gerbils. Barfs move the deep throating fuck on…I shall titty fucks these issues In no particular order:Mozerian - The "Cuntcleaner" Canberrian slutbag.S gamahucheed up little cunt gamahuches stabbing, HARD! I’ve never met him personally but so balling what? His annoying browns on the deep throating spunk café fuck me right off! when i see his photo in his avatar i have wad pulls of dripping on his throat and balling him struggle for breath whilst blood assfucks from his fomps.. mmm yummy mummyARRRRRGGGGHH CUNT! He spews to fucking die, end of.Thenightbringer89 - The retarded kidWhy is this kid not doing his sucking school work? I’m going to assume he was born in 1989 assfucking him 15 and he’s sex fighting for all sorts of ballbusting handouts recently, he fucks to know titty fucks he felchs to know that, FUCK OFF SON what you need to know is when your screws teacher is next going to grope your pre-pubescent cock. It also pecks me cringe how his blows are written to try and make you feel that he’s independently thought up an effect and would like to know if someone could point him in the relevant direction for methodology. You’ve screwed Derren "Omar Pussy" Brown the night before! don’t try to pull the aardvarking wool over my eyes you ACNE RIDDEN SLAG Go get unclefucked you fucking outcast, mentalism is NOT going to make you accepted amongst those cold school corridors.Another thing, have you just had your first lesson in Photoshop? Either that or your gamahucheing another schoolboy bum chum, Jordan "Dildo" Waller with your little cuntlapps, Do you play Touch willies?Dave "Jar Jar" Scribner - The ventriloquistWhy ventriloquist you say? Have you seen his shafting cocksucks recently? He always got his hand up a wad pulling babies arse for squirts sake. Well "Mount" Dave Scribner if your reading assfucks FUCK YOU! Ill see you one day and crack your fucking skull open, faggot! End of fucking story.Steve "Pimp Mastah" Brooks - Anal "Bitch" CowboyYeee haaaawwww yes siree my names Steve and I fucks Assfucks and donkey meat! No shit just look at the fat cunt, I bet he could shit some bricks.Its time for a thrusting little story everyone, come sit round the fire and bring your milk…Once upon a time there was unclefucks big ol Cowboy by the wad pulling name of “Yesiree Stevie” and he felched to eat and fuck. One day ol stevie decided to impress the gamahucheing other cowboys and show some Mageek, everyone thought he was great and licked “Yeehaaaw stevie the great, you should make a website”And look what’s happened as a wad pulling raiding result.It should be called “The MagicNazi” vhere ve vin and you lose!!CUNTSNews in briefNLP - zzzzzzzAnother thing that’s aardvarking me off recently is the ballbusting rise of fucking felchs jerking about NLP and its relation to mentalism, its like it cuntlapps 3 bastard weeks for the post to finally disappear and another cunt posts another, for fucks sake. Stop fucking what mentalist tell lay people it’s a smacking screwing red herring you nob sack. The dripping amount of useful felchs to a mentalism within the field of NLP is minimal, (infact message to Tommy, you should post an article of relevant NLP material for mentalism.) and shut these muff sniffs up once and for all.Sex fights has a fingerfucking sex changeYup you heard it first here fiddlers! Our veteran grandfather the Mighty H K MOTHER FUCKING WILES has had a sex change. Well kinda…Remember "Rugmuncher" Bet Lynch from coronation street?that’s all I got to say about that…(infact I like mr plows he’s cool)Serial "Admiral Browning" Killer enteredYes you read gangbangs right, the mighty pecks murderer Ian "Ass-stitcher" Broadmore has become a member of the gamahucheing café. And he shafts absolutely fuck all, But I suppose that’s the perfect make up for a café member these days. Do us a favour Mr "Jar Jar" Broadmore (or was it Brady??? Oi "Omar Pussy" Tommy, has this cunt changed his name since coming out of prison?!) anyways…. Please please please can you take “Thenightbringer89” you know him, he’s the one who brings the assfucking night, and can you take him out to a squirting remote area of the countryside and kill the little scrotum preferably by charvering the cunt to death by asking him stupid fucking asslicks like the screws you ask on the café!!!Darkseance farts some bintWell well well just who the ing fuck spanks muff sniffs one think he is? Does a sucking little effect, then a licking sprinkle of charm and WHAM he browns a pecking model! Yeah ok son keep dreaming either you’re a pecking thrusting liar or she was a farting old boot from Halifax who’s been serving diluted piss at the cuntlicking local pub for the raiding past 65 cuntlapps.Time is nearly up my friends…Well its nearly time for me to sign off dripps week plows, Mostly due to the thrusting fact I need to go upstairs and take a motherfucking shit, (look at those presuppositions there shrink, you could have a pecking plowing field day, I use a sex fighting computer, I have an internet connection, I am educated to a degree and spell sometimes, I needed a shit, my computer is downstairs, my toilet is fucks, do I need to continue?)Have a fistfucking good week and don’t stick your hands up cuntlicks arses or else you’ll be in here next week…Kind regards (ARRRRGGGHHHH kennedyitus)Fuck youPenfold"

You love me! You really, really love me!

Monday, January 03, 2005


What the @#$% I have to say about exposure.

Hi all America, China, Australia, or wherever the heck you may be! If you'll direct that magical arrow over to this site, you'll actually notice that the man David Ben has been exposing the tossed out deck! This is an outrage! Indeed it is! I say we tie David Ben to a stake and burn him!

Okay, I'm going to look at this from a serious vantage point. I read this particular remark from this guy, posted on the Genii Forum:

"In my Monte routine, I start out with a simple demonstration, letting them win a couple of times. Then I tell them it’s the last time they are going to win. I continue where I win a couple of times, then I let them in on ‘the hype’. I really show it to them. I let them catch me once. Then I do, for lack of a better description, a double hype - where they think I’ve hyped the Ace, really a queen, then proceed to show them two queens left. They are completely confused at this point. Finally I finish with the bent corner and they don’t know what hit them."

Oh okay, so now the people know about the hype move. Okay, were you the person that invented the move itself? No? Then it's not yours to expose, you mook. Somewhere else in the comment he also said that Penn and Teller exposed on National Television, so why is this so bad? Let me lay it on you straight: Penn and Teller expose only effects THEY invented themselves, not other peoples work.

They thought of it, so it's theirs. Unless someone else thought of it first. BUT it was theirs, so what they do with it is their own shit. In case you're wondering, you're not the only person throwing Monte out there, so when you expose the hype move, you're ruining it for a bunch of other people that do it.

So the next time you do a trick and someone says to you, "I know how you do that--- a magician showed me how at a party," know that it's all because some magicians are too dumb to realize that they're not the only ones doing the trick. That's all I can think of right now, so I'm signing off.


Sunday, January 02, 2005


Personally, I have Costco hidden in my pocket.

I was browsing through Scottish Animal Beanie Babies yesterday when I came across this thread at the Magic Cafe.
I spent the next 25 minutes laughing.

But who can blame them? It's completely natural, in the sense that there are so many gimmicks and tricks out there, one would be tempted to carry them all, with the help of pack-mules, of course.
I thought the response from AragorntheMagician was particularly hilarious. Here it is:

"My wife made me a "Magical Hip Pouch" and the following are in it and on me at all times: Mini Egg Bag
Color Vision
Appearing Candle w/silk
Color Changing Hankie
D'Lites (is four too many???)
Sonata Ring Flight
Finger Chopper (old type that still cuts cig)
Various Thumb Tips w/loads (is 5 too many??)
Wiregrams (Great routine seeing the wire bend into the shape of the chosen card) Disappearing Deck
Locked Deck
Raising Card (Several types)
Scotch & Soda
Coin Box
Mini Die Box
Mini Vampire Tube
In a Flash by Jay Sankey (Absolute Jaw Dropper!!) with Flash Paper
Ring & String (several sizes)
Thimbles (First thing I ever learned)
Ball to Cube & Egg (Yes the egg did come first)
Small Ball to Two Big Balls (keep it clean, gang)
Several ITR's (Large, Medium & Backup)
Mini Balloon Pump w/Balloon's Various Sponge Balls
Toilet Paper & Mouth Coils (Take out of top of kids head)
Mini Brief Case
$1,000,000 Bill
Ball to Big Red Hand
Appearing Wand
Fanning Deck
Two (2) Regular Ungimmicked Deck's
Mini Coke Bottle w/Ring Coins Across (Half Dollars)
Business Cards held by Hidden Hold Down
Oh my BOG, I am a Magic Junkie!! ps: BOG = Personal Deity of "Cheech Wizard" and "Aragorn the Magician""

What a loser.
Hey, Aragorn, do you have McBride and Daryl hidden somewhere in your hip pocket as well?
I think (I think, since I have never seen Aragorn perform at a moments notice) that Aragorn has an "attack and retreat" formation for performing. That's what I like to call a style of presentation which is very choppy. Do "In a Flash," then RETREAT TO MAGIC HIP POCKET!! Rummage around for something else. Do the "Ring Flight," then RETREAT TO MAGIC HIP POCKET!! Rummage around for something else. Do "D'lites." RETREAT TO MAGIC HIP POCKET!! I'm sure you understand what I mean.

And judging from the amount of stuff this guy carries around with him, I'd say he has at least a 2 minute gap between each trick, to rummage around for another effect. If you don't think that's long, do a trick on yourself, then sit and wait for two minutes. You'll see that repeated, it becomes very, very BORING.

No, really it does.

The complete opposite of Aragorn, I think, is Doc Eason. If you want to see some KILLER magic, pick up his Bar Magic DVD, number one. In the performance (and I won't give too much of it away) he manages to keep a whole bar full of drunk people entertained for a good solid hour. And get this. He did all that with the following:
-A Derby.
-A sharpie.
-A deck of cards.
If you can keep DRUNK people in check with only a deck of cards, boy are you GOOD. And Doc did all that and more. If you want a good DVD, this is the one.

As for me? What I carry around in my pockets are as follows:
-A deck of cards.
-My cell phone.
-My wallet.
-A pen.

That's all I need. But I generally tend to shy away from, no matter how hip they are (pardon the pun), I stay away from hip pockets and usually wear these.


Saturday, January 01, 2005


Update on Moby DICK...heheh

I never get tired of that old bad joke.

This is an update on the post belows about the Moby Deck from Ellusionist from Chazpro.

Below, as you can see, I've pointed out several weight issues, and as you can see if you click the link, Brad has so far done jack-shit to fix it.

Steve Pelligrino, of the very originally named magic blog, has very graciously pointed out several errors in my post, as well as commented on the Moby Deck himself. You can check it all out at his site.

His correction is as follows (don't email me shit saying I misquoted him, copy and paste don't lie):
"Just a correction to something on your blog, you don’t need to do a deck switch, at least to do an Ambitious Card routine. You could, in theory, add a packet effect to the block, say a gaffed Three Card Monte, take those cards off the block, then with a couple of extra cards do an Ambitious Card routine(ala Solid Deception).

The weakness of this is the weight. I wouldn’t want to carry it in my pocket, but if I was working with a close-up table, which I have many times in the past, it would be easy to carry."

Thanks, Steve.

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